Breakthrough WP plugin Makes It Insanely Easy For Anyone To Generate $50, $100, $200+ Online Every Day On Complete Auto-Pilot Without A Product, SEO or An Email List
In a moment I'm going to share with you exactly why and how you are missing some of the most valuable ad placements on your site!! These ad placements are ultra high converting and responsible for adding $1,000's each month to your bottom line without you needing to drive any extra traffic than what your site is already receiving.

If you want to avoid your sites ad income dropping by more than 50% in the next few months and instead actually DOUBLE that income we have the perfect solution for you that you can use on your current website....

and it's called....
The Mobile Ad Injector WP Plugin
Up until now it was only the big players in your industry who could make use of these high value, prime real estate, advertising spots and they have been banking hard from them.

But we have levelled the playing field and made these exact same advertising areas available to anyone who has a WordPress site.

That means that right now you can take advantage of these same prime adverting areas that already exist on your website and skyrocket your earnings without having to make any changes to your site, your theme or your current ads.

With more than 50% of users now accessing the internet with mobile devices you are already losing out on a lot potential revenue if you're not using The Mobile Ad Injector....
Get Three New Money Making Advertising Slots For Your Website That Can't Be Ignored By Your Sites Mobile Users

Rotating Top Docked Ads

First of all is the ultra valuable prime advertising real estate spot at the top of your site and this plugin can rotate up to 4 different ads in this space.

The Mobile Ad Injector places an unmissable banner/ad that is docked to the top of your users mobile device screen that stays there even when they scroll through your sites content and navigate to other pages.

This means your ad is always right in front of them so they can't avoid it or miss it. This is good for you because your ad gets more attention from your sites visitors which means a higher click through rate and a high click through rate means your site makes you more money!!

Until now docked ads have only been available on mobile apps but today you can benefit from them on your current WP site thanks to the mobile ad injector.


Rotating Bottom Docked Ads

Next is the prime advertising real estate spot at the bottom of your site and the plugin can also rotate up to 4 different ads for you here too.

Just like the top docked ad, the Mobile Ad Injector places an unmissable banner/ad that is docked to the bottom of your users mobile device screen that stays there even when they scroll through your sites content and navigate to other pages.

An added benefit of the bottom ad placement is that it is often clicked on by mistake. Now this is good for you because your ad gets a higher CTR and your offer is seen by more of your site visitors.

The more people who see your ads leads to your ads making you more money every day.

So with these two prime advertising spots on your site you can now run ads for up to SIX different offers of your choice.

Timed Interstitial Ads

The most powerful ads of all. Interstitial ads are full page pop-ups that display your offer right over the entire screen of your visitors mobile device. The user cannot avoid or ignore these types of ads and they can't be blocked by any type of ad blocker.

Interstitial ads are SO effective they can boost your ads CTR by 800% and that can lead to a massive boost to your sites earnings.

Imagine being able to show a full size ad to your sites mobile visitors that they can't miss and that can't be blocked.

Having this kind of power at your fingertips is like a license to print money when ever you want.

The Mobile Ad Injector makes it childs play for you to show these unstoppable, high converting, ads to your sites mobile visitors.

Make Easy Money With AdSense
And The Mobile Ad Injector

AdSense is probably one of the easiest ways to monetize your site and get paid directly by Google. All you need to do is add the ad code they give to you and they'll make sure the right ads gets shown on your site.

And when you use AdSense, together with the Mobile Ad Injector, your AdSense earnings could skyrocket. Look at the screenshots below from a site where the Ad Injector is used with AdSense.


If your site is making less that $1,727 (€1600) a month from AdSense then you need to be using the Mobile Ad Injector.

The site where the Ad Injector is installed is making between $65 and $74 a day on average just from AdSense Ads thanks to the power of the Mobile Ad Injector!!

“The Benefits Of Using The Mobile Ad Injector On Your Site"
  • Fast and Easy To Install
  • No Need To Change Your Theme
  • No Need To Edit Your Theme
  • No Coding Required
  • Doesn't Affect Your Sites Current Ads
  • Add 3 New Advertising Spots To Your Site Instantly
  • Can Display AdSense Ads
  • No Technical Knowledge Required
  • Display Ads To Promote Mobile Offers
  • Display Ads To Promote Opt-in Pages
  • Skyrocket Your Sites Earnings
  • Works With Any Type Of Ad
  • Works With All Ad Networks
  • Ads Only Shown To Mobile Users
  • Display Up To 9 Different Ads
  • High Converting Ad Placements
  • Display Ads To Promote Your Mobile Ad
  • Display Ads For Your Own Products
  • Display Ads for Affiliate Offers
  • Display Ads For CPA Offers
And the list goes on and on because there are 100's of benefits to using The Mobile Ad Injector on your WP site.
Here's What You'll Receive When You Order The Mobile Ad Injector WP Plugin Today...

You'll get your own copy of the Mobile Ad Injector.

With this WP plugin you simply upload it to your self hosted WordPress site, set it up with the ads that you want it to display to your mobile visitors and then sit back and let it skyrocket your income.

While you're enjoying your time and doing other things the Mobile Ad Injector will be working, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, showing your mobile visitors ads that they can't ignore or miss which leads to more clicks on your ads and more money in your pocket.

Lifetime Updates

To make sure that you get the most value from your purchase of the Mobile Ad Injector, lifetime updates are also included as part of the package. This means you will always get the latest version of the plugin as soon as we release any kind of update.



Customer Support

When ever you buy anything it's always important to know if someone is going to be there to help you if you have any questions or need help using the product you bought. That is why when you order your copy of the Mobile Ad Injector you'll get access to our dedicated customer support desk where experts are on hand to assist you with everything related to setting up and using the plugin on your site.

Time Limited Bonus!!

Need Help Getting Traffic To Your Website ?

Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, if you don't have traffic coming to your website then you won't make any money regardless how good your site is.

So that's why we decided to give away one of our most powerful traffic generating methods that you can use with the Mobile Ad Injector. Just using the method on it's own will earn you easy money but combined with the Mobile Ad Injector it takes it to a whole new level.

Even if you don't have a website right now, if you're a total newbie and just about to build your first website, this method is something that you can pick up start using right now.

There's no need for any SEO, link building, or trying to get traffic from social media to use this method. This method is pure gold and it's yours when you download your copy of the Mobile Ad Injector today.


Right now you are leaving a LOT of money on the table by not being able able to show highly targeted ads to over half of your sites traffic.

With the Mobile Ad Injector WP plugin installed on your site you can look forward to increasing the revenue from your websites current traffic with targeted ads that were never available for your site before.

The ad locations have been proven to increase CTR's by up to 800% so just imagine what an increase like that would boost the money you make from your site!!

It just doesn't get any easier or any simpler than this.....


Remember, this is one of the most profitable WP plugins you'll ever install on your site. There is no other plugin that is capable of boosting your sites earnings from your existing traffic as fast and as easily as the Mobile Ad Injector.

The longer you wait, the more money you leave on the table and that's money which could be in your bank account instead.

Michael Sherriff